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About our CEO

A little personal history  about our CEO Bethany, besides dealing with the challenges of  Brain Trauma as a very young child, is involving herself in modeling school, cheerleading, drill team, flag line, dance, acting, choir and band in her school career. She is a published Poet, receiving her first  Editors Choice Award in 2008, Song Lyricist, Author, Martial Artist, Crime Prevention Specialist, Community Leader, Dance Instructor, Actress, Board Moderator, Business Owner, and Production Editor at a prestigious Television Station,  she did writing and photography for a community magazine, as well as her work with Advocacy and Public Speaking.
She has a talent of connecting others to their passion and thirst for life, and is a real encouragement for them. Who has also taken on the role of truck driver. Why is this important to know?  The one reason is because you need to know that Bethany has been through what you are going through, so in order for her to be able to help you, you have to be able to know and trust her. 


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I have known Bethany Bromley for nearly 30 years, when we first met in Home Economics class back in high school.In the years I have known her as a friend and person, she has always had to deal with the challenges of brain trauma that she acquired as a very young child, as well as the people she has advocated for.She has done so with as much as a positive attitude and strength of character one can ask for.It is always great to see her take on the task of organizing and growing her skill set in editing many forms of media, from print to web to even video, overcoming adversity to hone her abilities.Her work that I have seen has always been true to the material she is passionate about and I am certain she will continue to provide excellence to those who she aligns herself with.Making her an A+ warrior in this endeavor.

~ Nathan Reed, Software Developer

Bethany has put so much care, love ,and effort into her advocacy work. I am proud to know someone who is so passionate,and humble. Through a lot of humility she is constantly turning her cheek to always stand for those with disability. Bethany has always overcome adversity and taunting throughout her whole life,(building and maintaining a community crime watch association, achieving crime prevention certification, black belt in taekwondo, Editors choice award, recording contracts, being the mother of four, den mother, homeschooling, acting and dancing) always doing what the doctors said she wouldn't be able to do. Proving that people with disabilities are capable. Her knowledge I feel is very useful when it comes to caring for my mother's, wife's, and my own disability. As she always says, "Do not let one resources NO, be the rock thrown into the gears, your fight is not over and you shall NOT be made to feel worthless". She has always been a warrior to her cause, to provide freedom and a more peaceful world.

~John Bromley, Retired Air Force

In all my years of knowing Bethany, I have ever rarely met anyone who is as true to their word as she.Standing for freedom and justice has always been the way of life for her; and it became more so watching her as she progressed through Taekwondo.She has the ability of meeting one on their own level helping them learn and understand. Which made her a great children's dance instructor, as well as instructing the very young to old in Taekwondo. She teaches by example, and paints pictures with her words.Bethany is a wonderful poet and author. She has a very creative side and there isn't anything I have not seen her accomplish.She adheres strictly to her faith and frowns on judgements of others. Her passion is in education, and communication, that she will even stand up/stand by her enemy to bring about a reasonable conclusion. I believe in her and in her organization.

~ Jody Bessinger, Self Employed

I have worked with Bethany on various projects at KPVM Television. She is a true master at her craft in Photoshop. She adjusted and fixed the colors of my son's eagle portrait. Then, one time we had to do an ad for a karaoke bar and the picture that I had to use for the ad was very poor quality . We were on a deadline...there wasn't enough time to redo the shoot! Beth was tasked with salvaging the photo for the ad and she truly out did herself and Wowed everyone including the president of the station! The ad came out beautifully! She truly is a credit to her field.

~Lydia L. Grays McCoy, Graphic Artist KPVM Television

I knew Bethany when she lived in Washington state several years ago. She involved herself in many community activities including being the founder and establishing a block watch program. Beth is a hard worker, with a good heart. She is passionate in being involved in programs that actually help others.

~Sharon Ludwig, PACA President

Even though I have known Bethany a short while, I am very impressed with her ability to deal with her own challenges on top of building this non-profit, while helping others with their own challenges. Visiting this website was very helpful when Bethany explains that the name Brain Injury Productions means more than it appears, and even though I have a Bipolar Disorder; terming it as Neuro-Dysfunction is a lot less derogative.

~ Sandy Hansen PWD Utah

While in a conversation with Bethany, I like what she said about overcoming shame.The 1st most important step I think is facing oneself ... to gain awareness.. then lay aside pride and ask for help.Shame holds us hostage and in the dark.

~E.K, Musician

I have known Bethany for many years. Her strength against the hardships of life is amazing. She has risen time after time from the most debilitating events in her life, never giving in to the pain. Her work in this endeavor to educate the public to the challenges of those who are experiencing hardships with disability shows, once again, her tenacity and strength in the face of adversity. May God grant her the power, strength and ability to reach her goals in this undertaking, and once again, to come out the winner.

~Orli Corey, Torah Scholar

I've know Bethany for a couple of years now and I fully support her effort to get the word out about Traumatic Brain Injuries. I have learned so much about the subject since knowing her. Traumatic Brain Injury is not always visible on the outside and everyone that has it, will have different reactions to how their brain reacts. More and more of our soldiers are coming out of the military with TBI.The word and resources need to get out to the public about how to live with these people. Actually how we can make their lives as normal as possible. There is life after TBI's. Bethany is proof you can survive, persevere, be a productive person and make a mark in the world.

~ Suzan Gordon,Retired Home Health Aid

I have known Bethany for 16 years and seriously I never knew that she had a challenge. I have always known Bethany for her charm, wit, intelligence, her ability to make people laugh, as well as her ability to be a great friend, always there to lift my spirits when I was feeling down, about relationships, and about my children. Sometimes we would stay up to the wee hours of the morning having deep meaningful conversations about politics, and life. I have always been intrigued by her intelligence, and how she could always explain things in a way that different people could understand. I recall the times after a bad day at work going to pick up my children from her house, and I would have a sour look upon my face. She would either invite my family and I for dinner, or she would challenge me to not smile. We lived in a pretty uptight community, and she encouraged neighborliness, by saying it doesn't matter how you feel or how the other person feels, honk when you drive by, drop a txt message, or an e-mail, let the person know that they are in your thoughts, it will make them feel good, as well as making yourself feel good, just to know that you lifted someone else's spirits. I tried it out and it really did work. Soon after the neighborhood was sounding with horns as the police drove by, the fire chief, and fire department, and many other neighbors. Just by her redirecting our outlook on somethings our neighborhood became a happy place to live.

~ Molly,Housing Restoration

As an accomplished professional in post-production and journalism, her work speaks for itself. Her success as a mother of four children is a testament to her advocacy and dedication to life and humanity; especially in today's economically challenging environment. She is extremely resourceful and organized; having developed her own unique systemic cataloguing system for memory retention and goal achievement. Bethany is a doer. She is someone who rolls up her sleeves and overcomes obstacles both directly and indirectly using her environmental spheres of influence, technology and energy as tools. I am proud to know Bethany as a friend and professional associate.

~Koji Gailey - Trade Specialist

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