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     Created by Bethany Bromley 

The Depth of an Epidemic

To compare Brain Injury to an Epidemic may seem a little absurd because it is not like a typical Epidemic like the plague of the 18th century, Hemmoragic Fever or AIDS, typical diseases that usually determine an Epidemic. However the word Epidemic can be used to describe something very large as well. Brain Injury is large and incurable. Many people that live with Brain Injury agree that it sure would be nice if there were a cure, and all within the medical profession, believe there is a cure; but  is it the right one? Brain Injury Productions is fully prepared and capable to guide minds to the correct way of approching and viewing disability, as it is becoming a way of life.

The Depth of an Epidemic, the first in our series, and also being offered as a kickoff to our non-profit, provides a challenge to the way those beliefs are. Wouldn't it be nice to discover that the cure for most sicknesses and disability are built in? They are already there, as in we are our own doctors.
The Depth Of An Epidemic will be speaking to experts in the field of Brain Injury, offering some new conclusions to the treatment and care of rehabilitating survivors. It also serves as a perfect documentary illustrating the point and purpose of Brain Injury Productions, providing a new outlook on life for those living with challenges.


                                                                                                 Let's talk about #TheDepthofanEpidemic


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